Blade & Soul Concept Art

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Blade & Soul Concept art by Hyung Tae Kim

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O eterno amigo do homem

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because i lied - a fanmix for the trash king by biancohills

art credit / 8tracks

01. scissor sisters - i can’t decide // i can’t decide whether you should live or die / oh, you’ll probably go to heaven! / please don’t hang your head and cry

02. alt-J - breezeblocks // oh, please don’t go, please don’t go / i love you so, i love you so.

03. mika - grace kelly // do i attract you? do i repulse you with my queasy smile? / am i too dirty? am i too flirty? / do i like what you like?

04. the heavy - how you like me now? // yeah, i was a lie / that you can’t give up.

05. lana del rey - jealous girl // if i can’t have you, baby / no one else in this world can.

06. marina and the diamonds - power & control // power and control, i’m gonna make you fall

07. gin wigmore - kill of the night // i wanna taste the way that you bleed

08. she wants revenge - tear you apart // i want to hold you close / soft breath, beating heart / as i whisper in your ear, / ‘i wanna fucking tear you apart.’

09. the neighbourhood - lurk // i fuck as i need to, i fuck when i want / i’ll fuck you in love, even though it is not / i’ll fucking digest you / one kiss at a time

10. 100 monkeys - keep awake // i will kill you in your sleep / so you’d better try, try and keep awake

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viria’s twitter + kuroken

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